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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Imagine the pain of a broken arm, untreated, while trying to live life as usual. That was Anna's story.

Anna is 52 years old, married and lives in a small rural community in Matabeleland, Zimbabwe with her six children. In 2013 Anna was working as an electorial officer travelling on a government chartered truck to work during the Presidential elections.

Unfortunately the driver of the truck lost control of the vehicle. It rolled over and killed a number of passengers. Anna was thrown out and pinned under the truck. She suffered extensive injuries, including a fractured humerus in her right arm. The bone was broken in half.

Because the accident happened while on work duties, Anna was entitled to compensation and medical help. Neither has eventuated. Instead, Anna was forced to live with the agony of a broken arm, held in place with a simple sling, while she continued to look after her family.

With little money, medical help was a long way off. A friend, who knew her plight, brought her to one of those Cosmos Healthcare Medical outreaches in April 2014. The Cosmos team approached a trusted Zimbabwean orthopaedic surgeon in Bulawayo, who agreed to perform the reconstructive surgery free of charge.

Despite an initial infection, Anna has recovered well. She is praising God for the Cosmos team, who came to her aid to help repair her arm. Anna is now enjoying life and is looking forward to the removal of the pins and plates once her arm is fully healed.

Jason James, WA 

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