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The Good Samaritans of South Sudan

Wednesday, 8 May 2024

A little over 12 months ago, on April 15th, 2023, violent clashes erupted between the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in Sudan, resulting in the deaths of 15,000 people and the displacement of more than 8.7 million (source UNHCR). 

The current conflict in Sudan is considered the worst displacement crisis in the world.

While many remain displaced within Sudan, approximately 1.5-1.7 million people have fled over the borders into neighbouring Chad, Central African Republic, Egypt and Ethiopia, with South Sudan receiving the most people (650,000).

Our partners, Christian Mercy International (CMI) and LAID Foundation of South Sudan (LAFOSS) continue to respond to the needs of the refugees, many of whom are unaccompanied women and children. Our partners have provided hundreds of these families with food, tarpaulins, mosquito nets, and blankets. This has been in the country's north in Aweil and Juba, the capital city. 

Considering many of the refugees from Sudan are Muslim, I see this concern and care provided by our partners as a beautiful act of Christian service. 

This situation reminds me of the Good Samaritan story that Jesus told (Luke 10:25-37), where a Samaritan from the north of Israel provided emergency assistance to a Jew from the southern kingdom (when others, leaders, didn't respond to the critical need). 

This parable is told to someone who asked Jesus, "Who is my neighbour?" when clarifying his second commandment. The Good Samaritan was able to look beyond racial and religious division to extend life-giving care to a suffering, beat-up traveller. 

Peter Gatdet (LAFOSS) in Juba shared this with us:

"Brothers and sisters, your continued prayers are requested for the suffering people from Sudan. Some are still wandering along the borders without food, shelters and medicines."

This conflict continues to displace and hurt people. I'm proud that our partners, CMI and LAFOSS, are the modern-day Good Samaritans, reaching beyond usual boundaries to care for many victims. They are truly loving their neighbours.

We can support them in their love of neighbour too. 

Please generously support our South Sudan Refugee Crisis Appeal as much as possible.

You can also read about LAFOSS peacebuilding initiatives this month on our website as we highlight them for the UN International Day of Living Together in Peace on May 16.

In Faith,

John Lamerton,
Chief Executive Officer

Emergency Appeal

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