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Evangelist Hlupo Baptises 140 People!

Wednesday, 8 May 2024

Evangelist Hlupo could get discouraged by the people who don't want to know about Jesus in Zimbabwe. Recently, however, he baptised 102 people in the Murerezi community! On another day, he baptised a further 38 people. This evangelist is putting God first. 

BJ Mpofu helps to resource and encourage Zimbabwean church leaders. This is through our global mission partner, the Associated Churches of Christ in Zimbabwe (ACCZ). He reports that the number of baptisms by evangelist Hlupo is impressive. "Talk of enthusiasm, dedication and commitment," he remarked. 

BJ shared that evangelist Hlupo is willing to hear God and let him lead him in his work. He is also inspired by the great commission to go and make disciples. Evangelist Hlupo "moves amongst the people" doing ministry. He believes only God brings the people to himself. Hlupo prays that people can hear Jesus speak and not himself. 

Despite hard hearts towards the good news, Hlupo is a faithful servant. When confronted with people who don't want to hear about Jesus, his answer is, "Pray, pray, pray." He does not give up. 

BJ agrees, "He [God] only needs faithful servants who put him first and the rest; he will do it for us. With Him in us, we are but conquerors." 

The baptisms have yet to finish; they still need to baptise 12 people from the community who were absent. This will happen "on their next visit," said BJ. 

This is an example of the resilience shown by evangelists sharing the gospel in Zimbabwe. It also reminds us of the importance of prayer and the need for discipleship. It is inspiring to see the rewards of standing firm in the faith. 

Please keep evangelists like Hlupo in your prayers. Especially those who face challenges when sharing the gospel within their communities.  

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