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An Invitation to Feed and Clothe

Wednesday, 5 June 2024

What a joy it was to visit Church of Christ churches across Queensland during May. I met incredible ministry teams fulfilling God’s call to share his light and love in their communities. I have seen God’s heart at work everywhere, and it was no different at Burleigh Heads. 

Walking into the space of Burleigh Church of Christ, you are greeted by a sea of people. Some are there for the Op Shop, some for the food pantry and some for the café. Many of them are facing challenging times, and yet here in the comfort of this little church, they have a big smile on their face; they are at home.  

I was handed a little flyer with information about the church and its current sermon series, appropriately titled “Charity – Feed and Clothe”. Something that Burleigh Church of Christ does extremely well, in word and deed. 

Burleigh Church of Christ has been partnering with Global Mission Partners for many years, supporting Church of Christ Overseas Aid, Indigenous Ministries, and many other projects. They have a tradition that is deeply rooted in the teaching of Jesus, to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and care for the least among us.  

Ann guided me around the various rooms, which were full of conversations and vibrant music. She introduced me to everyone we passed; she knew them all by name, and they knew her. The staff and volunteers were not only there to practice that “charity,” but it was at the very core of who they were.  

At Global Mission Partners, we desire to inspire and resource mission, both locally and internationally. What a privilege it was to see Ann and the team at Burleigh being so intentional and involved in mission in so many ways.  

Participating in God’s mission helps us to grow a deeper understanding of God’s heart for his people, and his world.  

If you would like to learn more about partnering with Global Mission Partners, you can email me at carly@gmp.org.au 


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