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Seasons Change- A Letter from John Gilmore

Wednesday, 4 May 2022

Dear Friends,

Seasons change, and both beginnings and endings are involved. I want to share with you some changes that are to occur in the life of GMP.

Later in the year, on November 30, I will conclude in my role as Executive Officer with GMP. After almost 15 years, it is time for me to take the step of retirement and for GMP to appoint the next Executive Officer. In some ways, making this decision is like tearing myself away from something I am deeply connected to, while in other ways, it is an easy step as I believe the time is right for GMP, my wife Meewon, and myself.

Spring cannot happen without winter. New beginnings cannot happen without endings. I have great confidence and trust in God as provider. God will provide the spring of new life for GMP and for myself.

I also want to thank you for your support of GMP. Your prayers and generosity have made the work of our partners possible over the last 15 years.

The GMP Board has commenced the process of recruiting the next Executive Officer and an advertisement will be included in the next issue of In Partnership.

Val Zerna will also retire at the end of December after 19 years of a wonderful and positive contribution to GMP. We are very thankful for her dedication and service to GMP.

There are also other changes underway in this next season.

It gives us joy and hope to announce the full accreditation of GMP, by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). You can read more in the article GMP Receives Full Accreditation from DFAT.

There are some staff changes too. Colin Scott is moving to full-time in his role as Director of COCOA (Churches of Christ Overseas Aid), and we have a new member in the COCOA team – Eva Ntege-Dhizaala who, with Suzanne Hayes and Jan Bayliss, will ensure the continuing quality of the work of COCOA.

The roles of Partnership Coordinators are coming to a close. Supporting churches is still a priority for GMP and the contact with churches will be coordinated centrally by a Church Support Coordinator (churchcontact@gmp.org.au). Val Zerna will fill this role for the remainder of 2022 and develop new ways of connecting staff and local churches.

Colin Battersby is also taking up a new role in GMP as the Director of Community Education. He will be working with the whole of GMP in the development of resources and materials for local churches and supporters.

The work of GMP is an important expression of the collective life of Churches of Christ. It is what we do together as Churches of Christ, and it shapes who we are. The future for GMP is strong and filled with many possibilities.

Seasons change, there are endings and beginnings, and our trust is in God’s goodness, providence and grace. New life comes from that which ends and from what we let go of. In all of this we can say thanks be to God!

In Christ,

John Gilmore

Executive Officer

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