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Closure of India-Based Child Sponsorship Program

Wednesday, 7 September 2022

After more than 100 years being associated with the care of children in the Baramati Boys’ and the Shrigonda Girls’ homes, this is a very big change. This also includes the Gnyan Sampada School program as well.

The resident girls at Shrigonda have been supported through a process of transition to other schools,homes, or a return to living with their family. The boys at Baramati are continuing to attend local Churches of Christ schools and return home in the school holidays. The Gnyan Sampada School children havebeen supported in returning to their village homes and in being enrolled in local schools.

There are various reasons for this decision. The institutionalised care of large numbers of children is not ideal. It ended in Australia many years ago, and the Governments (State and National) in India are making very significant changes in the regulatory environment in which the homes operate, closing those that do not comply.

We have had discussions with our partners in India and have agreed together that this is a necessary step to take. Financial support will end as of 30 June 2023. We would like to thank the many people who have faithfully supported these children over the years. We are inviting those sponsoring children to support children in other settings in Zimbabwe (children at risk program)and South Sudan (school-based education program).

You can find out more about Child Sponsorship at  www.gmp.org.au/childsponsorship 


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