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Great Gift of a Firepit Gathering

Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Indigenous Australian communities are spread all over Australia, at times separated by vast distances. It can be hard for Indigenous leaders to connect with each other. The Firepit Gathering seeks to address this by making a space for Indigenous leaders, current and emerging, to come together for sharing, teaching and fellowship.

But with COVID-19, the situation has changed. Many remote Aboriginal communities have been self-isolating since the earliest stages of the pandemic. With government restrictions on gatherings and travel, these already outlying communities have become even more isolated.

What does a Firepit Gathering look like when you can’t gather physically?

Indigenous Ministries Australia (IMA) is working with Indigenous ministry partners to create these spaces online. 

This year, the IMA Western Australia Ministry Team (IMA-WA) met regularly via Zoom. Thanks to supporters like you, a number of laptops were purchased for IMA partners, enabling them join these online meetings. The virtual meetings have assisted our different Indigenous ministry teams to come together to share updates, pray for each other and have a good yarn. All this despite COVID-19!

An Indigenous Film and Language Festival is being held during NAIDOC Week, 8–15 November. This is providing an opportunity for the IMA-WA leaders to come together, share stories, and strengthen relationships with the broader church community in WA. 

IMA has also been involved with an online leadership forum called the Sand Talk Yarn. Indigenous leaders and cultural facilitators from the east coast are coming together and looking to apply Indigenous wisdom, based on the book ‘Sand Talk’ by Tyson Yunkaporta.

We are connecting in different ways, brought together by God. Without your help, IMA wouldn’t be able to keep connecting with Indigenous ministry teams around Australia. You are bringing people together!

Your Great Gift of a Firepit Gathering will help our Indigenous ministry partners create new ways to share and connect. You are giving the opportunity to share stories, to teach, and to engage in fellowship together. Your Gift helps these leaders continue ministering to their communities during this time.

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