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Empowering Young Women through Education in India

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

When Suvarna was still a young girl, her father tragically passed away. Her mother didn’t make enough money to take care of her and her two younger sisters. So Suvarna made a hard decision. She had to sacrifice her schooling to earn money to help her family.

She started working with her mother, but it wasn’t easy to find stable work. They took short-term work whenever they could find it. In the monsoon season, they worked pulling weeds. In the autumn, they harvested soybeans and cotton. This work is physically demanding, especially for a young woman like Suvarna.
She still dreamed of being able to go to school, but she knew that they could not afford it. So, she worked hard, wanting to make sure that her sisters could go to school instead.

Then Lasina Vocational School brought their tailoring course to their little village. Thanks to supporters like you, Hosanna Ministries have been able to mobilise their vocational training, taking equipment to small villages to train people like Suvarna!

Thanks to the financial support from COCOA, Suvarna was able to undertake the tailoring course. She applied and was selected, and was able to complete the course — giving her the skills she needs to set up her own business in sewing clothes!

Suvarna says, “I had never imagined that a Tailoring Training would be available in my own village and that I would get any chance of admission due to poverty and casteism. But I thank the Lord and GMP for this wonderful gift of Tailoring classes to our village."

The Vocational Training programs in Lasina and Ambernath are helping lots of young people just like Suvarna. Over the last year, 40 young women have completed a tailoring course, and now have the skills to work and earn a dignified income. A total of 25 young people have completed the government accredited computer course, creating a pathway to better jobs or higher education.

The support people like you give COCOA helps empower young people like Suvarna. Without your help, the Vocational Training program would not be able to provide underprivileged youth and women the opportunity to gain skills, confidence, self-respect, and the ability to earn a better income.

Now Suvarna has completed her classes, she is planning on opening her own tailoring business. She will be able to make more money, easing the workload of her mother. Her sisters will be able to remain in school.

Images: Survarna & her Mother 
Computer Course at Lasina Vocational School

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