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A Rolling Water of Justice

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

This past week I have been driving BJ and Chipo Mpofu through rural Victoria. How green it is! It has made me very aware of the contrast for communities in NSW, Queensland and other places still in the grip of serious drought. The contrast is stark – green and brown, lush and dust.

Water is such a valuable commodity. It is so available and in such short supply. When it flows it makes a wonderful change – communities come alive again.

Amos uses the image of water sources to talk of the desire of God for the whole world (Amos 5:24). He does so to contrast the failure of Israel in its community life. Their worship and sacrifice are rejected and set aside. Amos directs people to God’s desire for justice and righteousness. He uses two adjectives to emphasise the abundance of this – “rolling” and “ever-flowing”.

What could the rolling water of justice and ever-flowing righteousness create? Can you imagine the desert of injustice, suffering and inhumanity overwhelmed by the water of justice; and the drought of unrighteousness, wrongdoing and evil ended by the ever-flowing water of people doing what God wants of us?

A new world of hope would emerge. We would see people flourishing with access to resources for daily life, communities freed from discrimination and oppression, families finding security and safety and people living in poverty lifted up, with God’s presence being central. A world flowing with righteousness and justice would see Mary’s song lived out (Luke1:45-55).

…mercy extended… from generation to generation…

…scattered those who are proud in thoughts of their hearts…

…the powerful brought down and the lowly lifted up…

…rich sent away empty and the hungry filled…

This is a vision that motivates, inspires and informs us. It leads to prayer and to celebrating the signs of the coming of the kingdom in deeds and actions, small and large. Join us in this wonderful hope.

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