2018 News

Remain True to Your Faith and Hold Fast

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Ps Rexford Bani began as the School Chaplain at Londua Technical College (LTC) in 2015. This appointment has been an asset, aiding a youthful community whose foundation is formed upon building lives, growing success through education, and providing leaders to many parts of Vanuatu.

Rex loves to work with the youth on a daily basis. “Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, as well as every evening, I share devotions with all the students.” The motto of the school – ‘Hold Fast’ – encourages all members of its community to remain true to their faith, and build a stronger commitment to Christ in all aspects of their lives. “We look together into God’s Word, to encourage the physical and spiritual development of the young people, and to see its relevance for life today.” Rex teaches Religious Education classes, “encouraging more disciplined and Christ-centered lives, to build spirituality, especially for those kids who have come to the school from less disciplined backgrounds.” Rex also works with the 13 staff members, encouraging teamwork and application of spirituality in the school community where they all live together. Rex would like to see further development in the young people, “a growing and expressive spiritual life where they experience God for themselves, and express their faith in practical ways to each other and in ministry to the wider community.” 

Rex is a blessing to the community. “I did not think I would get this job when I applied for it, but all things are in God’s hands and I am excited to be working here at Londua. I can see God’s calling in this position now and for the future. Over the past two years I feel that I have matured as a teacher, and learnt more about the meaning and application of Scripture. It has confirmed that this is the place where I am called to represent Christ.”

Londua Technical College is one of the oldest Churches of Christ institutions in Vanuatu, based near NduiNdui on West Ambae. Having commenced at the end of World War II as a girl’s school, Londua is now a thriving boarding community of 120 high school students (boys and girls), and some 30 vocational students studying automotive, joinery, hospitality and tourism. Thank you to Churches of Christ in Australia for your support of Rex in this ministry!

Peter Bryant,
Principal LTC

Church Partnerships Leadership Development

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