2018 News

Meet Daniel Bawm

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Daniel’s father was the first ordained pastor among the Bawm community in Bangladesh. He was born in 1974, and brought up in a Christian family. It was on 26 January 2002 – moments before his father’s last breath – that he was asked to follow his father’s footsteps and serve the Lord. He does this by taking various Bible classes and leadership training to build his capacity to serve the Lord. He joined with the Bandarban Hills Churches of Christ (BHCOC) in March 2015 to work among the Mru people. And now Daniel, his wife and three children have shifted to Kangku Village. There are 25 families in the village, with a total of 235 people.  The BHCOC have assigned Evangelist Daniel and his family to stay permanently in the village, and BHCOC have constructed a house for the family. There are five families in Kangku (out of 25) that have become Christian.

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