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Boondall Church Making Things Beautiful

Monday, 2 April 2018

The Christian Women’s Fellowship group (CWF) at Boondall Church of Christ, QLD, had been supporting Nomalanga from Khayelihle Children’s Village (KCV) in Zimbabwe for quite a few years. When Nomalanga undertook a fashion and design course, she mentioned her aim was to have a sewing machine, so she could help support herself. This led to a conversation between Boondall Church and KCV, and the provision of a sewing machine and a gift towards purchasing material that Nomalanga (and any others who were interested) could use. Vimbai Vuma, KCV Director, recently shared some good news: “We finally bought the sewing machine. We are very excited about it. Many children will benefit from the sewing machine. We are sure that we will be able to get enough materials (threads, fabric, zips, laces) with the support you sent us. May the good Lord bless the ladies at Boondall Church in abundance.” Boondall CWF and the church combined together to raise funds for the purchase of this sewing machine. It was exciting to see this happen!

Val Zerna, Partnership Coordinator SA/NT

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