2015 News

Half Dead? Really?

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Every public holiday you will find the Howrah Half Dead group, their Ute & two trailers at the local market in Hobart.

The Half Dead group of Howrah first started selling items at the local markets 10 years ago. They say that their name does raise a few eyebrows and it has been rumored the group received their name because of the smell when first bagging and selling manure. Nonetheless, the group has become well known at local markets for providing good quality items and regular clientele will eagerly arrive early to purchase $2 plants, a range of jams, pickles, books and other odds and ends. The group is dedicated to raising funds, mainly for overseas mission. “It sometimes seems we cannot do a lot, but we do what we can.” And that they do!

Graham Mann, Tas

"I just want to know, if they were ‘half dead’ ten years ago, what are they now?”

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