2015 News

Chandra's Story

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Chandra was raised in a broken home, his parents divorced and his soul shocked. He struggled with promiscuity and started taking drugs. He was caught by the police and entered prison for a year. It was there that he repented and received God as his Saviour, and responded to God’s calling and decided to become a missionary.

He enrolled into studies at Asia Pacific Institute Missionary Training School (MTS) here in Indonesia. Living with new values, he made a break embracing and living the values of the Kingdom of God and the Lord has given him a lot of expertise. He is currently developing his expertise in raising chickens and mobile ‘phone repairs, with a goal that he will be sent to plant a church, bless and approach the community with his skills.

Pray for Chandra so that in MTS he will discover his maximum potential.

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